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Manufacturing facilities at Prasid

Prasid Toys Pvt Ltd is a Delhi based toy manufacturing company. We are a company that has taken vertical integration of manufacturing facilities rather seriously Practically all our parts manufacturing activities take place in our premises under the close supervision of our personnel.

We consider our manufacturing to begin with design. We have installed latest state of art computer systems including scanners, and digitizers. We have latest state of the art CAD/CAM Systems.

We have a modern tool room equipped with the latest in tool making machinery including computer aided machines. We have our moulding shop with automatic moulding machines. We have our plastic blending and extruding machines and also have a professional organisaton to maintain moulding quality.

We have automatic pad printing, screen printing and other surface treatment facilities. We have our own automatic soldering machines. We have our own PCB design and test facility.

We have been awarded for producing the best overall toy in the country. Our team of engineers has received national awards in industrial engineering, speciality moulding and new product developments. We have been classified as pioneer moulders in a National Survey.

We have invested in our factory in a way that we can not only make toys but also make toy parts of superior quality.

Toy Parts & Components


We signify a company more than willing to acquire modern equipments and tools to stay ahead ....

OEM Manufacturing

We make Toy Guns, Action Toys, Phone Toys, Piano Toys, Saving Banks, Friction Toys.....