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We prefer to say that Prasid was born in 1984. Actually we started our operations as Interchip Electronics in 1984. It all began as a company designing electronic controls for process industry and slowly grew up to be a OEM manufacturer of electronic controls for the consumer durable and automotive industry. And by 1989 we were manufacturing computer keyboards for all the major computer manufacturers in India.

The year 1996 saw us diversify into electronic toys. We started off as a toy gun manufacturer. Our products were soon to break all sales records in India. But the real proud moment was to be awarded as the best toy manufacturer by the Toy Association Of India. By 1997 the name of Interchip was changed to Prasid Toys Pvt Ltd. This was now a joint stock company. And Toys was the area of focus.

We are skilled professionals with a passion for quality and a reputation for getting it right the first time. Between then and now we have collected 11 awards for making the best toys in the country.

We now make Toy Guns, Action Toys, Phone Toys, Piano Toys, Saving Banks, Friction Toys, Wind up Toys, Fancy Dolls, Tumbling Toys, Battery Operated Animals, Toy Motor and Art materials And all this happens in house

We only sell what we make. We do not trade in other products. Our marketing set up includes over 100 distributors all over the country.

Our design lab, tool room, injection facility, blending and extrusion facility, toy surface decoration makes us an ideal "Contract Manufacturer". But that term doesn't even begin to describe the range or depth of our services. And our present range is only a part of our repertoire, not the whole of our capability.

As the customer, you can choose the skills that best suit your needs from a spectrum of high technology services. Consultation. Design. Engineering. Manufacturing. Re manufacturing. And everything in between.

Awarded for production of best electronic toy produced in India. Also awarded for producing the best overall toy in India. The only company in toys with a product range STQC (Government of India) certification in quality. Some of our products even carry a FCC certification from USA.


We signify a company more than willing to acquire modern equipments and tools to stay ahead ....

Toy Parts & Components

By this day over a few million of "Prasid Toys" have been bought all over the country. Making a ......

OEM Manufacturing

We make Toy Guns, Action Toys, Phone Toys, Piano Toys, Saving Banks, Friction Toys......