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The key to better toys is having the assets and balancing them !

Computer Aided Design

Prasid maintains a wide array of design and development resources to overcome the obstacles and challenges of sub assembly and product development. A highly skilled engineering team using sophisticated tools and methods to take care of project specified needs and project completion in minimum specified time. We also make use of our vendors resources when ever required.

We are equipped with 10 computers connected in LAN. All drawings are generated by AUTOCAD14, CORELDRAW10 and PHOTOSHOP. All MS office files are accepted. We have state of art color and monochrome printers installed in house.

We have believed that computers are to be used as tools to achieve better effort and benefit ratios in terms of design. Our computer room not only generates inputs for computer aided machines but also for tool design and manual machining. Our computer operators are specialist in their own fields like graphics, modeling and drafting. Skilled craftsmen generate models in wood, acrylic, epoxy and wax. A ROLAND make scanner is used to convert this models to computer graphics which are then edited and sent for machining.

We have always given surface treatment at least its due importance. Seven single and multi color pad printing machines installed in house in house use the computers profusely for art work generation.

A sixteen line mask printing section uses mask generation by computers. A four line flocking section also uses the art works from computers for flocking on animal body toys.

OEM Manufacturing

Toy Parts & Components

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